Patrick Rouxel Filmmaker for environmental conservation


Buying the films on DVD 

The DVD of GREEN and the DVD of ALMA are sold in PAL and NTSC by the non-profit Green Planet Films based in San Francisco, California.

You can also order a DVD of THE CATHEDRAL FOREST or LOSING TOMORROW (only available in PAL) by using this contact form.

Licensing footage

If you are interested in licensing rights to footage of any films on this site, please use this contact form.

Buying the films for television broadcast

GREEN can be purchased for television broadcast through TerraNoa, the film’s exclusive distributor based in Paris, France. Please contact Isabelle Graziadey at TerraNoa using this contact form.

For television broadcast of all the other films on this website, please use this contact form.


To contact Patrick Rouxel, please use this contact form.


To learn more about sun bears and help them: 

Website on the film GREEN for students and teachers:

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