Patrick Rouxel Filmmaker for environmental conservation

Topeng Monyet

Topeng Monyet means “Dancing Macaque” in Indonesian. It is the name given to the macaques which are used in street performances in most of the large cities in Indonesia. These macaques go through extreme suffering during the training period to learn the tricks they must perform and then lead a horrific life. This short film was made to help JAAN (Jakarta Animal Aid Network) in its campaign to pass a law against this practice, confiscate the macaques and release them in a protected forest.

11 min  - 2011 - English version

Acknowledgments for the shoot

  • Femke Den Haas (JAAN, organization of the shoot)
  • Patrick Anderson (advise and support)
  • Avi Mahaningtyas  (advise and support)

Acknowledgments for the post-production

  • Frédéric Sanchez del Rio (music composer)
  • Yoann Copinet (technical supervision and video management)
  • Simon Apostolou (sound design and mix)
  • Guillaume Schmitter (colour grading)
  • Christine Renaud and Marie-Claude Cazin (Tawak Pictures)
  • Jacques Bled (Mac Guff Ligne)

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