Patrick Rouxel Filmmaker for environmental conservation

Losing Tomorrow

The film is both a poetical film on the biodiversity of the Indonesian tropical rainforest and an insight into the logging industry in Indonesia. The first part of the film is centered around the character of a large male orangutan as it gently roams in the forest, allowing the audience to discover the amazing biodiversity that is part of the orangutans’ habitat. (This first part is actually identical to my first film named Tears of Wood). The second part of the film is about the timber industry, the pulp and paper industry, and land conversion for palm oil plantations. The film also puts the onus on the working conditions of the local population. Not only is the logging industry destroying the rainforest, it is also exploiting the « little » people who have no choice but to accept poorly paid and dangerous jobs.

(Losing Tomorrow is a 52 minutes version of the film Tears of Wood)

52 min  - 2005 -  English version


  • “Best Independent”
    “Best Conservation Message”  
    International Wildlife Film Festival – USA - 2005
  • "Prix du film documentaire" 
    "Arbre d'Or" 
    Festival International du Film Écologique – France - 2005
  • “Prix de la Protection de la Nature”
    “Prix du Jury” 
    Festival International du Film Ornithologique – France - 2005
  • "Greenpeace Environment Award" 
    Liden Wildlife Film Festival – Sweden - 2005

Acknowledgments for the shoot

  • Ashley Leiman  (OFI UK)
  • Patrick Anderson (advise and support)
  • Avi Mahaningtyas  (advise and support)
  • David Brown (DIFID - advise and support)
  • Longgena Ginting (WALHI - advise and support)
  • Lone Droscher Nielsen (BOS - advise and support)

Acknowledgments for the post-production

  • Frédéric Sanchez del Rio (composing of original music and guitar playing)
  • Jean Marc Simonnet  (composing of original music and guitar playing)
  • Marion Cotillard  (French voice-over)
  • Sandra Guy  (English voice-over)
  • Yita Dharma (translation and Indonesian voice-over)
  • Yoann Copinet (technical supervision and video management)
  • Olivier Chatron-River (sound design and mix)
  • Adam Wolny (mix)
  • Cendrine Vincent (colour grading)
  • Christophe Bourreau and Macdara Smith (foley)
  • Eric Ferret  (foley recording)
  • Patricia Kreautler (flute)
  • Stéphane Pedon  (harmonica)
  • Igor Achar  (guitar)
  • Julie Poinsignon  (music assistant)
  • Sylvie Guyon (writing advisor)
  • Benoit Philippon, Alexandre Kolasinski, Céline Allègre, P’tit Fab, Valdu (graphic design)
  • Christine Renaud and Marie-Claude Cazin (Tawak Pictures)
  • Dominique Poujoly (Les Audis de Joinville)
  • Jacques Bled (Mac Guff Ligne)
  • Duboi Studios
  • François Launet (DVD cover)
  • Corinne Rouez (Transatlantic Video – DVD print)


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