Patrick Rouxel Filmmaker for environmental conservation

La Forêt de Messok Dja

This film brings us to the North of Congo Brazzaville, in a beautiful patch of forest that still holds elephants, gorillas and chimpanzees. The film was made to be shown to the Congolese authorities as part of a WWF campaign to protect the area from being logged and to prevent the construction of a damn along the Messok Dja river. The campaign has been successful so far, and the forest remains intact. 

11 min – 2010 – French version (no subtitles)

Acknowledgments for the shoot

  • Pauwel de Wachter (WWF Gabon, production and organization of the shoot)
  • Marc Aurel Ella Akou  (WWF Gabon, forest guide and wildlife tracker)
  • Victor Mbolo (Head of WWF Sembé, Congo Brazzaville)
  • Frédéric Sanchez del Rio (sound recording)

Acknowledgments for the post-production

  • Frédéric Sanchez del Rio (music composer)
  • Yoann Copinet (technical supervision and video management)
  • Simon Apostolou (sound design and mix)
  • Guillaume Schmitter (colour grading)
  • Marjorie Frantz  (off voice)
  • Marie Leriche (maps design)
  • Christine Renaud and Marie-Claude Cazin (Tawak Pictures)
  • Jacques Bled (Mac Guff Ligne)

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