Patrick Rouxel Filmmaker for environmental conservation


Alma is an insight into the Amazon forest and the industries destroying it. The film is a poetical ride on beauty of the Brazilian rainforest and the suffering that accompanies its destruction. Alma is a reflection on the value of life. It reveals what lies behind products such as meat, leather, dairy foods and exotic hardwood. The film invites us to question our consumer habits, to open our eyes and hearts, and allow room for empathy. 

65 min  - 2010 - International version


  • “Film Maker’s Choice” 
    Green Unplugged  Festival - India - 2013

Acknowledgments for the shoot

  • Chico Alves (fixer)
  • Rebecca Kritsh (advise and support)
  • Eduardo de Castro Cunha (tree climbing)
  • Edson Grandisoli (Escola da Amazonia - fixer, advise and support)
  • Monique Scarpelini (fixer, advise and support)
  • Vitoria Da Riva Carvalho (Christalino Lodge, MT Brazil)
  • Amarindo Resende Viana (Coordinator of Prevfogo Nova Bandeirantes, MT Brazil)
  • Adnilson Claudino de Melo (Chief Fire brigade, Nova Bandeirantes, MT Brazil)
  • Sylvie et Denis Lagrue (fixer, advise and support)

Acknowledgments for the post-production

  • Frédéric Sanchez del Rio (music composer, editing advisor, guitar, keyboard)
  • Yoann Copinet (technical supervision and video management)
  • Simon Apostolou (sound design and mix)
  • Cendrine Vincent (colour grading)
  • Xavier Drouault (foley)
  • Eugénie Selin, Vanessa Cadasse, Lucile Ferreira  (voices)
  • Patricia Cazier  (accordion)
  • Patricia Kraeutler  (Flute)
  • Hadrien Santos da Silva  (drums)
  • Jose Lepiez  (Abrasson)
  • Julien Martin and Yves Donzel  (Sound engineers)
  • Eve Ferrero (promotion and distribution)
  • Christine Renaud and Marie-Claude Cazin (Tawak Pictures)
  • Dominique Poujoly (Les Audis de Joinville)
  • Jacques Bled (Mac Guff Ligne)
  • Marcos Requena (Serena Digital)
  • Suzanne Harle (GreenPlanet Films, DVD distribution)
  • Lise Fischer (DVD cover)
  • Corinne Rouez (Transatlantic Video – DVD print)


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